About Epicor

Business today is dynamic, competitive, and much more demanding. In order to stay ahead in the game, your business users need an ERP system that is intuitive and productive. Epicor with its latest version Epicor ERP 10 responds to this business need and helps fast-moving businesses by adopting global best practices that help you serve your customers better.

The RheinBrücke advantage

Along with the Epicor ERP 10 upgrade, RheinBrücke will significantly empower business users like you with our smart payroll solution EpicPay’s license in concessional rates.

EpicPay is our payroll solution for Epicor ERP 10. Built on the Epicor ICE platform, our solution works seamlessly as an intrinsic part of your ERP.

EpicPay maintains payroll employee information that can be mapped with existing Epicor ERP users. It has the ability to manage multiple payroll classes such as salaried employees, contract employees, consultants, etc., and map them to the payroll employee module.

Our RheinBrücke Epicor certified consultants will help you through every step of the process that will build a solid foundation for your business to yield maximum benefits from your ERP investments. You can choose services ranging from a full upgrade package, ad-hoc services and technical consulting, or early-stage project planning.

Pre-packaged components

From the rich experience of more than 200 person years in Epicor ERP, our consultants have derived pre-canned reports, dashboards and fully automated workflow engines. These components are exceptional fit for business akin with discrete manufacturing.

Embedded Training Programs

RheinBrücke has well-structured partner enablement and client enablement training programs. We have been providing several partner enablement program across Europe and GCC countries for various Epicor partners and customers successfully. These training programs will provide self-sufficiency to end users and system administrators

Extended Support

RheinBrücke provides a comprehensive help desk support that covers L1 and L1 for Epicor ERP Version10. This help desk enable customers to reach out to our competent support professional. We provide multi-channel approach and integrated tools & systems such as tele-phone, email, portal, chat, social media etc.. to reach our support team. We have a very clear SLA and OLA driven systems in place to provide world-class support to end customers.,

Mobility Components

We at RheinBrücke, believe innovation using intersection of cutting edge technology and business. As result, our product development team has evolved specialized mobile based tools for oil field services extension, time & expense management systems etc..

These extended systems & tools would provide a clear integration with back end ERP and seamless enterprise integration leading to measurable business outcome.