Travel and tourism keeps growing and innovating every year. In such competitive times, you need opportunities to decrease costs, improve profits, grow your business and provide stellar guest experience. We are aware of the challenges that the hospitality industry faces. RheinBrücke Epicor iScala solution is an ERP for hospitality industry that can deliver globally innovative solutions that can streamline your operations whether your organization is a hotel, resort, casino or a government lodging agency.


To make better decisions and drive more revenue, you need to connect your hospitality-specific strategy and plans to your front- and back-office systems. Your hotel needs a software that touches every aspect of your business, whether it is your finance team, human resources, sales, reservations, banks, material management etc. With iScala you can reduce the need for costly and error-prone processes to decipher, recompile, or re-key critical business data. Using pre-built configurable interfaces and templates that deliver quick integration to POS, PMS, and labor systems, you can synchronize information about cash, sales, recipes, city ledger, labor, and menu mix—delivering you a more accurate and timely view of the business whenever you need it.


  • Financial Suite

    Epicor iScala delivers financial and accounting capabilities that you can easily tailor to your specific business. Epicor iScala financial management capabilities include sophisticated localized tax structures, multi-language, multicurrency, and multi-company functionality.

  • Supply Chain Management Suite

    Streamline the entire process from requisitioning through purchasing and receiving to payment— saving you time and maximizing internal efficiency. The iScala solution supports the entire requisition management lifecycle and helps to quickly identify delivery or invoicing errors.

  • Human Capital Management suite

    Effectively manage the entire lifecycle of their employees leveraging Epicor HCM that can be integrated with iScala. HR personnel of the hospitality industry can easily process payroll using iScala payroll.

  • Service suite

    The iScala Service Suite for hospitality helps to ensure that you understand, in real-time, which contracts apply to which customers, which products have been returned, and whether those products correspond to a maintenance agreement or are covered by warranty support.

  • Integration

    Epicor iScala uses service connect to integrate with PMS, POS, banks and other third party systems. This allows your management teams to stay on top of what is happening by consolidating information.



Whether your hotel is big or small, you need to have a solution that gives you the advantage to cut costs, maximize your profits, enable your business to grow and make your customers come back for more. Seize the opportunities of our holistic hospitality solution that will help you to manage your online reputation and guest experience. Integration with HCM and payroll helps your employees to improve their guest service and enhance your bottom line. Here are the benefits of this integrated solution that covers all your back and front office needs:
  • Enhance guest experience by knowing your customers better

  • Streamline and standardize back-office processes

  • Accurate hotel and restaurant revenue management

  • Manage costs and drive bottom line profits

  • Capture and manage key finance information

  • Simplify operations and reduce overheads

  • Integrate front and back office systems

  • Analyze financial reports in real-time

  • Eliminate duplicate processes

  • Operate in nearly paperless environments